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I love films (anything from exploitation stuff to stylish Eastern European cinema, but I'm not really into blockbusters and modern Hollywood), music (Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin, Michel Polnareff, Left Banke, Francoise Hardy, The Seeds, Love, The Zombies, etc) and books (Kurt Vonnegut, Julian Maclaren-Ross, Michel Houellebecq, Patrick Hamilton, Alan Sillitoe, and more). I take photographs with my Lomography Diana F plus or my Olympus Trip and like making stuff in my spare time.

Du dumme Sau! retires

For obvious reasons but if it needs spelling out, due to the recent allegations against Klaus Kinski, this website is no longer active.  The earlier posts, all posted prior to this news, will remain here but I’m afraid I now … Continue reading

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Klaus Kinski negatives

Klaus Kinski negatives?!  No, this is not a long list of Klaus Kinski’s faults, it’s me giving you all a wonderful New Year’s gift.  Before Christmas, and I mean just before Christmas, I foolishly decided to spend some money on … Continue reading

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Markus and Markus take on Klaus Kinski and his collection of life spirits

One of the great things about doing this website – despite the fact that it has made an obsession out of my interest in Klaus Kinski! – is that it has brought me into contact with a lot of really … Continue reading

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Kinski biographer Christian David publishes a new book

Here’s something for those of you who have read and enjoyed Christian David’s fabulous KK biography, Kinski die Biographie, and the Du dumme Sau! interviews with the author (parts one and two are here in case you have not already … Continue reading

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Klaus Kinski gets that sinking feeling

That Man in Istanbul aka Estambul 65; L’Homme d’Istanbul; Unser Mann aus Istanbul (dir Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi, 1966) Basic plot:  Atomic scientist Professor Pendergast has been kidnapped.  The US government have handed over a $1M ransom for his release but the … Continue reading

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Klaus Kinski is just resting

Yesterday (23 November 2012) it was 21 years since our hero Klaus Kinski died, but I am such a bad KK fan that I omitted to publish something on here in remembrance – bad girl, Raechel! But let’s just comfort … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Klaus Kinski!

On October 18th Klaus Kinski would have been 86 years old – if he hadn’t burnt himself out with his fancy lifestyle, his heavy filming schedules, his melodramatic over-reactions and all the sex.  We miss Klaus.  A lot.  That’s why, … Continue reading

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