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Klaus Kinski For the Day: Twenty ways to be Klaus Kinski on the twentieth anniversary of his death

Today, 23 November 2011, it is 20 years since Klaus Kinski died; he is very much missed and the world is a sadder place without him.  Unfortunately I was unable to get my act together to organise a special event … Continue reading

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Klaus Kinski Film Jukebox on Electric Sheep

Delia Sparrow kindly invited me to submit ten Klaus Kinski films for a Film Jukebox on the Electric Sheep website. You can see which ten films I picked here: With just a week to go until the 20th anniversary … Continue reading

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Klaus Kinski beats off Oliver Reed’s trouser snake

Venom aka Die schwarze Mamba (Dir Piers Haggard, 1981) Basic plot:  Two crooks team up with a nanny to kidnap the child she cares for with the hope of getting a ransom from his wealthy parents, but the plan goes … Continue reading

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Klaus Kinski Buddy Buddy cinema card

The Venom review should (finally) be uploaded by tomorrow, but in the meantime here is another one of those French collectors’ cards, this time for Billy Wilder’s Buddy Buddy (1981), which I’ve still not got or seen. More soon…

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Klaus Kinski is reanimated

In Kinski Uncut (Bloomsbury Paperbacks, London, 1997, pp322-323) Klaus Kinski addressed his son Nanhoï (Nikolai) with these words: “People will say that I am dead.  Don’t believe them! …Don’t be sad, Nanhoï.  The truth is, I can never die…” Klaus … Continue reading

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