Klaus Kinski negatives

Klaus Kinski negatives?!  No, this is not a long list of Klaus Kinski’s faults, it’s me giving you all a wonderful New Year’s gift.  Before Christmas, and I mean just before Christmas, I foolishly decided to spend some money on myself when I could least afford it.  But some things you can’t afford to miss, can you?


I bought myself 4 negative strips, jam packed with photographs of Klaus Kinski taken on 16 October 1979.  I don’t know what it was all in aid of – although Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (dir Werner Herzog) was released in the USA on 5 October 1979, so there could be a tie-in there, I suppose.  If anybody has any information about who took the photographs and what they were for, I’d really appreciate it.  Also, I’m not sure who our guest star is here (see below, second photo from the left), but hallo, whoever you are! [It’s film critic and screenwriter Roger Ebert – thanks to Will and Markus for letting me know]

kinski_negs004_smlkinski_negs003_smlkinski_negs002_smlkinski_negs001_smlIt’s a shame about the hole punch marks in the out of focus shots, but at least there are some really lovely photos here, along with the odd ones – third photo in on the second strip down, Klaus pulling a sex face, was there a woman in the room?!

Thanks to Dave for scanning the negatives for me super-quick so I could post them up tonight – I’ll upload some larger better quality scans of some more of the photos soon.  In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy these new (to me at least) photos of the wonderful Mr Kinski.

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I love films (anything from exploitation stuff to stylish Eastern European cinema, but I'm not really into blockbusters and modern Hollywood), music (Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin, Michel Polnareff, Left Banke, Francoise Hardy, The Seeds, Love, The Zombies, etc) and books (Kurt Vonnegut, Julian Maclaren-Ross, Michel Houellebecq, Patrick Hamilton, Alan Sillitoe, and more). I take photographs with my Lomography Diana F plus or my Olympus Trip and like making stuff in my spare time.
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4 Responses to Klaus Kinski negatives

  1. Will says:

    The man in the second photo is the film critic Roger Ebert (www.rogerebert.com). He has been a friend and supporter of Werner Herzog’s for many years, so he probably took these photos during an interview with Kinski.

  2. Daniel Bartlau says:

    Thanks for this wonderful photos. 🙂

    • tinynoggin says:

      You’re welcome, Daniel – I was very pleased to find them. I’ll try and post some more larger, better quality scans later this week. Thanks for visiting the website, Best wishes Raechel

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