Klaus Kinski gets his kit off

I recently found a French magazine which said on the cover Klaus Kinski tout nu (Klaus Kinski naked), so of course I bought it.  Who wouldn’t?!  The magazine is called Privé and in case you want to find a copy for yourself, it’s issue no 22, and although it’s not dated I guess it’s from 1976 as Minhoï is pregnant in the photographs.

Although Klaus is naked in the photographs, you don’t really get to see anything folks (sorry about that if you were expecting something more!) but Minhoï is shown naked throughout.  I’d like to share the photographs with you here although I do realise that some people may be offended by such images.  There is nothing terribly graphic here – bare breasts at most – but as the images could be construed to be of a sexual nature, I have to insert a warning so that those who do not wish to see such photographs are not offended.  I shall remove the photographs if anyone submits any complaints; I hope that they don’t, but I really don’t want all my good work on Du dumme Sau! to be at risk for the sake of publishing some slightly risqué photographs.


Privé, no 22, Klaus Kinski tout nu – Klaus Kinski: la quête charnelle

Photos by Jean-François Bauret, text Michèle Motte

So, this is Klaus Kinski’s carnal quest… Privé introduced Klaus to the photographer Jean-François Bauret, famous for his 1975 book, Portraits d’hommes nus connus et inconnus (Portraits of Naked Men Known and Unknown), published by Éditions Balland, Paris.  For me, Bauret is known because of his portraits of my hero Serge Gainsbourg, but that’s another story…

Bauret photographed Klaus and his wife Minhoï, then 8 months pregnant, “reinventing love”.  I say “reinventing love”, or the people at Privé said it at least, but I’m not so sure that toe kissing, face grabbing and nipple licking is exactly “reinventing love” myself!   That said, the images are very beautiful – especially the one of Klaus pursing his lips ready to kiss Minhoï’s body; he looks so gentle – for once.

At the time of the article, France was falling in love with Kinski because of Herzog’s Aguirre, Wrath of God and Zulawski’s L’Important c’est d’aimer.  Éditions Belfond had also published the French translation, Crever pour Vivre (Dying to Live), of Kinski’s autobiography in 1976, and another French language film (Serge Moati’s Nuit d’or), was released, so Kinski was fairly high profile in France back then.

The article is very complimentary of Kinski but contains no new information – the majority of it coming from the autobiography – so there is little point in me translating it for inclusion here.  But if anyone wants a copy of the article in French, you can let me know via the comments section.

Jean-François Bauret also took the lovely portrait of Klaus (again naked) holding the young Nikolai Kinski; that portrait I did know, but I had never seen the photographs of Klaus and Minhoï before.

These scanned images (excuse the quality) have been reproduced with the very kind permission of the photographer Jean-François Bauret.  Copyright applies.  For more information on these photographs and Jean-François Bauret’s other works, please see:  http://jfbauret.free.fr/jf.html

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