More Klaus Kinski photographs

Before I get around to reviewing Venom I thought I’d share these new photos and film items that I’ve recently acquired.  It’s a mixed bunch this time with portrait shots, film stills, a film trade magazine and a film synopsis:

First up is the film magazine Kine Weekly from 12 May 1966, which features an advertisement for Don Sharp’s 1966 film Our Man in Marrakesh.  Klaus has a smaller role in this film so he doesn’t appear in the drawings in the advert (as far as I can see).  Our Man in Marrakesh is one of the Klaus Kinski-Margaret Lee pairings which are always good for fun though, so I’ll have to get around to reviewing this film some time soon.

I haven’t yet seen or got a copy of Mario Camerini’s 1963 film Kali Yug, la dea della vendetta (Kali Yug, Goddess of Vengeance) but I have seen pictures of Klaus in this film wearing a turban!

Wow! This is a good photograph of Klaus looking absolutely amazing in Alfred Vohrer’s 1961 Edgar Wallace film Die toten Augen von London (The Dead Eyes of London).  I do have this film and I’ve seen this one.  It deserves to be reviewed just for the great screen grabs I’ll get of Klaus looking wonderful in his dark glasses and smart suits; I was very happy to find this Europfilms still…

Finally! A film I’ve already reviewed – Jean Delannoy’s 1970 film Pill of Death aka La peau de torpedo; Children of Mata Hari; and Only the Cool.  See the review at: 

This film, directed by Piers Haggard and Tobe Hooper (apparently), is the next one on my list for reviewing: Venom (1981).  Here’s Klaus with Sarah Miles – I know I’ve posted a very similar still in the past but after looking at both of them several times I’m convinced that Klaus has a slightly different look on his face in this one so here it is.  If it’s the same one as before, well, you have it to look at again and, in any case, it’ll get you in the mood for my Venom review which is coming shortly and which will be a lot of fun – I promise.

I don’t know what or when this photo is from – I’m assuming it’s a portrait shot.  I like it, although it’s after Klaus had had his teeth done by the looks of things…

Well, I’m assuming this is Debora Caprioglio with Klaus here – probably some time in the mid to late 80’s by the looks of Klausy’s rolled up jacket sleeves and spiky hair.  If it is Debora, she looks incredibly young here but probably isn’t quite as young as she looks; the age difference looks quite disturbing nonetheless.  She looks like she adores Klaus.  On IMDB instead of giving a profile of her, it simply says 38DD-22-36, which says a lot I suppose…

I love this shot – not sure where or when it is from but Klaus looks very casual here and I like his check shirt; it’s a good look.

Another film I’ve not yet seen or got – Menahem Golan’s Mivtsa Yonatan (Operation Thunderbolt) from 1977.  Klaus gets to threaten a nun with a gun though, so it’s bound to make good viewing, yay!  Note that Klaus is referred to as Klaus Kinsky in the advert from Photoplay magazine.

And, finally…

This photo cost me a pretty penny, I don’t mind telling you, but it was worth it – I think.  This is such a lovely portrait of Klaus with Minhoi Loanic and it appears to be from Rome in probably the very early 70’s, as it mentions (I don’t speak Italian but I can guess!) Klaus playing Edgar Allan Poe in Antonio Margheriti’s 1971 film Web of the Spider (Nella stretta morsa del ragno or Dracula im Schloss des Schreckens) – yet another film I haven’t seen but am desperate to get my hands onAnyway, I hope you like this portrait as much as I do.

More in the next week or two with the Venom review and anything else I can rustle up.


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