A few words from Joycelyne Lew on working with Klaus Kinski


After the actor Barry Hickey contacted me through Du dumme Sau! to comment on my review of the film Revenge of the Stolen Stars (Dir Ulli Lommel, 1986), I managed to make contact with the actress Joycelyne Lew who also worked on the film.

Joycelyne was kind enough to send me a few words for Du Dumme Sau! about what it was like to work with Klaus Kinski and here’s what she had to say:

“I was introduced to Klaus at the Chateau Marmont before we left for Mexico.  He put his arm around my neck with his fingers nearly over my breast and said, “I just love the Oriental girls – they are so erotic!” 

We traveled in a town car and he had his hand on my lap. When we arrived at the hotel, I asked where my luggage was. It seems Mr Kinski had it delivered to his room.  I found the director and asked him to put me in a room far down the hall and to not tell anyone where I was.  I pretty much hid all night in my room and the next morning he asked what happened to me.   I said, “Well, I was around.”

I had only a couple incidents during filming when he grabbed me at the table and I politely pulled away.  I know he is a great actor and even a legend, but I was just trying to do my part as an actress.

I have a proof sheet of pix we took together and he is squeezing me from behind in nearly every shot.  Being alone in a foreign country at that time, I wasn’t prepared for his behavior but he never really got terribly out of hand.  It’s just another adventure in my crazy life.”

Aside from Revenge of the Stolen Stars, Joycelyne has acted in 17 other films and TV shows.  She didn’t say anything about her other films or her current work, but looking at IMDB I see that Joycelyne’s recently had a part in a film called Nipples & Palm Trees (Dir Dylan Reynolds) which is currently in post-production.  Thanks for your comments, Joycelyne, and good luck with your projects.

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