More Klaus Kinski photos

I have to confess, I’ve been unfaithful to Klaus Kinski lately… I started up a new blog Hero Culte where I could write about other favourites of mine like Serge Gainsbourg and Michel Polnareff.  So to make up for it I am posting some of my new KK acquisitions:

I’m not sure which film this is from and I’m hoping that someone like Konrad of Genius & Disorder will be able to help with this.  In any case, KK looks fabulous here; great teeth, eh?

Another photograph from Piers Haggard’s Venom (1981) – see my review Klaus Kinski Beats Off Oliver Reed’s Trouser Snake for some light-hearted nonsense about this film.  This photo sums up the relationship between KK and Ollie – showdown!

Another great photo, this one from La morte ha sorriso all’assassino aka Death Smiles on a Murderer or  Die Mörderbestien (dir Joe D’Amato, 1973).  I’ll have to review this one soon as I really enjoyed it.

Another photograph from Aaron Lipstadt’s Android (1982), a seriously good sci-fi film which I just have to review soon.  It looks like Klaus has lipstick on in this picture; either that or he has been drinking too much Ribena.

And finally another one I’m not 100% sure on – is it from Five Golden Dragons aka Die Pagode zum fünften Schrecken (dir Jeremy Summers, 1967)? I’m not sure but I know I’ve seen the film.

That’s all for now.  I’m just deciding which film to review next but I hope to be able to post something more substantial shortly.

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I love films (anything from exploitation stuff to stylish Eastern European cinema, but I'm not really into blockbusters and modern Hollywood), music (Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin, Michel Polnareff, Left Banke, Francoise Hardy, The Seeds, Love, The Zombies, etc) and books (Kurt Vonnegut, Julian Maclaren-Ross, Michel Houellebecq, Patrick Hamilton, Alan Sillitoe, and more). I take photographs with my Lomography Diana F plus or my Olympus Trip and like making stuff in my spare time.
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4 Responses to More Klaus Kinski photos

  1. Konrad Kuklinsky says:

    I really love all the wonderful photos, you constantly come up with. I have literally thousands of Kinski-Pictures on my harddisk, but you keep finding new ones I have never seen before again and again – big compliment!

    And well, thanks for the flowers, I really feel honored by your confidence in my film-historical Kinski-competence, but this question is really tricky! I wasn’t absolutely sure for myself, so I asked around in the Uncut-Forum, where you can find some real experts and where the collective swarm-intelligence hitherto solved every Kinski-question. And see: I was wrong! But now we have the answer.

    The last picture is definitely from “Five golden dragons”, just as you supposed.

    (to proof: here are a German and an English lobby card with the same scene: and: )

    But the first picture? Klaus obviously in the role of a doctor?
    Well, Kinski played more than one doctor during his career.
    Normally the kind of doctor, you wouldn’t really prefer to meet in real life 🙂

    Which doesn’t make it easier for us to find out the matching flick.

    Klaus doctoring in detail:

    – “Slaughter Hotel” (where he has much longer hair than here) – Dr. Francis Clay, a psychiatrist
    – “Death Smiles on a Murderer” – Dr. Sturges, the mad scientist (see your picture above)
    – “Le amanti del mostro” / “La mano che nutre la morte” – Dr. Sergei Nijinski respectively Dr. Alex Nijinski (Kinskis whole look in both movies is more aristocratic and feudalistic, much more old-fashioned)
    – “A Genius, Two Partners And A Dupe”, the cheap Western parody with Terence Hill – Doc Foster (wearing a bowler hat all the time)
    – “Buddy Buddy”, maybe Billy Wilders worst movie – Dr. Hugo Zuckerbrot, the sex doctor (another psychiatrist)
    – “Jack the Ripper” – Dr. Denis Orloff, the ripper (looking younger than our questionable picture)
    – “Android” – Dr. Daniel, the next mad scientist (with much longer hair)
    – “The Secret Diary Of Sigmund Freud” – Dr. Max Bauer (also more old fashioned clothes – it takes place in vienna, anno 1910)
    – “Crawlspace” – Dr. Karl Gunther, a figure like the infamous KZ-doctor Joseph Mengele (Here Kinski’s look is more casual than on our picture)
    – “Schizoid” – Dr. Peter Fales, yet another psychiatrist

    I thought it was “Schizoid”, to be honest. There’s a famous lobby card, where he looks much alike our picture:

    But another guy in the forum found the real solution: It’s “Buddy Buddy” !!
    Kinski looks atypical for that movie, cause the hair has not so much styling gel as in other scenes and he holds his terrible orange poser sunglasses only in his hands.

    But solid evidence comes from the stethoscope in his front pocket, which you can here see in another scene from the movie:

    Yeah, these brain twisting riddles are always a pleasure! Years ago we used to play “guess-the-flick” in the forum, posting (sometimes really small and minor) parts of preferably exotic movie posters and then discussing them and trying to figure them out. Nice.

    (Ah, and please be indulgent to my, well, amateurish English)

    • tinynoggin says:

      Konrad, you came up trumps again! Thanks so much for solving the mystery. I have all those KK doctor films you mention but couldn’t for the life of me work it out without digging out all the films to check his appearance again. I wouldn’t have picked Buddy Buddy for one moment though as I thought he appeared more old-fashioned in the photo than he did in Buddy Buddy, but there you go! And don’t come that with the “amateurish English” – there is nothing amateur about your English, Mr KK! It’s great that people like you are joining in here on an English blog because I did it really for fun and also because non-German speakers don’t tend to realise the extent of Mr Kinski’s varied career, so I thought it would be good to do an English blog that doesn’t just write about the Herzog stuff and that delves a little deeper than the English language reviews you see from time to time on other sites; I try my best to translate snippets of information from Christian David’s book (my Kinski Bible!), what more can you ask for?! But when I get people like you adding comments and sending information in, it makes it more interesting as you all know so much more than I do. Keep it up, KK, and thanks again! Re the photos, I’m really surprised that they’re ones you’ve never seen before but I do spend a bit of time asking around dealers to save stuff for me – the problem with that is it starts out that the photos are £2 each and then eventually they push the prices up and suddenly they are £8 each. And in the case of the press photo of Klaus and Minhoi, I paid £25 for that one because I wanted it so much! My collection swells… I have just got some more posters too, so hopefully I’ll be able to post images of those in the next couple of days too. More later…

  2. Konrad Kuklinsky says:

    “Re the photos, I’m really surprised that they’re ones you’ve never seen before” – Well, of course not all of them, but in this post it was the buddy buddy photo, which I had never seen before, and the lobby card “Death Smiles on a Murderer” not in such a good resolution (This is something I like especially on your blog, that you post the pictures in such high resolutions).
    There were other “new” pictures in your previous postings, and also the many screenshots you do for your reviews are phantastic.

    After all, “Du dumme Sau” is a much-valued source for Kinski stuff and I check your site every two or three days to see if you got anything new, and also recommended it to a lot of people in the uncut forum yet.


    P.S.: Are you aware, that “dumme Sau” is one of the extremest insults possible in German language? It’s much crasser than, for example, “cunt” or “motherfucker” and is used rather seldom in everyday life. Of yourse I know that it’s a citation, and it’s typical for Klaus, to use words like that in public, all the more in the innocent early seventies…

    • tinynoggin says:

      Thanks, Konrad! It’s really good to hear that you (and I guess others too) like the pictures and the site in general. I try my best to scan the photos to a good resolution. The Death Smiles on a Murderer photo was not an excellent quality anyway – maybe it’s even a copy, I’m not sure, but if it is it’s an old one and not a new re-print. I did have strong suspicions re “du dumme Sau” but it gets translated in a much milder form (see the English subtitles on the Jesus Christus film) – it sums Klaus up nicely that he would use such language with his audience. But then again they were such a rude audience that they deserved it! Carry on visiting the site anyway, Konrad, and hopefully I’ll find some more items you’ve not seen before :0)

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