Klaus Kinski Eats A Sandwich

CREATURE, AKA TITAN FIND (Dir William Malone, 1985)

I’m on a mission to see all of Klaus Kinski’s films – the good, the bad, the very bad. It’s never Klaus’ fault if the films are bad though, it has to be said. And if Creature, aka Titan Find (Dir William Malone, 1985) is bad – and it is – we definitely can’t blame Klaus for that.

The best thing about this film is the non-diegetic sandwich eating sequence – okay, maybe my usage of the word diegesis is not strictly correct here, but I’m sure the sandwich eating is not supposed to occur within the narrative and maybe the director hoped we wouldn’t notice the incongruous nature of it; it’s a Klaus add-on. Klaus looks so amused by the fact that he’s in what he would refer to as ‘a heap of s***’ that he suddenly produces what appears to be a takeaway sandwich in a paper bag (hey! they’re in space and all that but maybe they have a tuckshop on board, who knows?) and starts munching on it whilst faithfully reciting the awful text he’s been given. He carries on talking through a mouthful of food whilst also looking more than somewhat amused.

The fact is, as he’s an excellent actor, Klaus can do more than one thing at a time and still look natural. Which cannot be said for the rest of the cast. I cannot impress on you just how good this sandwich sequence is, really I can’t. It is a golden moment in an otherwise VERY BAD film.

Other moments to look out for: gratuitous nudity – not in the least bit erotic so by its very nature also baffling, WHY??? – and a ridiculous twist which ‘explains’ why a character has been absent for about 2/3 of the film and suddenly appears at the end (maybe they went in search of the sandwich shop, I dunno). That’s not many other moments to look out for, I realise that. But the sandwich moment – which I now like to think of as being the Klaus Kinski Eats A Sandwich scene – you’ll want to rewind it and watch it again just because you won’t be able to believe that an actor has the nerve to turn up on set eating his lunch when it’s not part of the story.

Is this film good? No, I’ve already said it is VERY BAD but I rate it as good thanks to that one moment of pure joy with Klaus and the sandwich.  The good news? Believe it or not, this film is currently available on DVD for less than £3 on Ebay and Amazon!

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3 Responses to Klaus Kinski Eats A Sandwich

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    • tinynoggin says:

      Hallo! We love Klaus Kinski at Du dumme Sau! and we don’t particularly care if he’s in a good film or a bad one. It would have been lovely if he’d been choosier about the films he apppeared in but, then again, who would want to miss out on seeing something like Creature?! Klaus had presence and even if he was in a trashy film, he was always the best thing about it; he’s just so wonderful to watch. Hope you enjoy the blog and reading about some of the other films anyway. Raechel (aka Tinynoggin, of Du dumme Sau!)

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